Yvette Williams


Yvette Doan Williams has a love and enthusiasm for sailing those dates to when she was just a child and started sailing prams at the age of 4.  Her mother’s engagement ring came from her father selling his Lightning sailboat which was then replaced shortly after she had said yes. Yvette’s summers were spent on the back bay at her family home in Stone Harbor, NJ, where she still spends her summers at. She spent my summers enjoying racing different boats and being on the water as much as she could.

At the age of 13, Yvette was a GP14 Junior National Champion and was posted in the Yachting magazine for her accomplishments in the boat at such a young age.  She then was a member of the Villanova Sailing Team in college, traveling up and down the eastern coast racing every weekend.  During her Junior and Senior year, she became the captain of the team leading them all to many successes.

After marriage and children, she became part of the Junior Sailing Program at the Yacht Club of Stone Harbor in Stone Harbor, NJ where she helped facilitate the Wednesday Racing Series and all the youth regattas at the yacht club.  Both of her children, Craig Jr., and Courtney Camille learned how to sail at the YCSH and are still racing into their thirties.  Courtney took on a coaching career for some time and has just recently founded the first sailing program at the school where she now is a mathematics teacher.

Yvette has a strong pulse on youth sailing and is always eager to assist in any way possible because she thinks that exposing youth to sailing fosters many life skills such as critical thinking and flexibility all while promoting self-confidence. No two days on the water are the same and with the sport of sailing, children are given the ability to respect nature, think in the moment, and be flexible. “There is nothing like learning how to sail!”

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