Sergio’s Wayfinder

Our program started when a young man, Sergio, on the autism spectrum learned to sail
in the recreational sailing program at the Palm Beach Sailing Club. He enjoyed sailing
so much, he asked us if we could create a program to help him share his love of sailing
with others like himself, “Just because people are different doesn’t mean they won’t love
sailing”, we agreed and went to work.

We sat down with his family, educators, and sailing instructors to find the best way of
providing a safe nurturing environment while delivering sailing instruction to kids on the
autism spectrum. In 2019 Sergio’s Wayfinders was born. We created a multi-sensory
educational program using group instruction, hands on learning, repetition, and songs to
give participants basic introduction to the parts of a sailboat, points of sail, and the
fundamentals of sailing. The methods of instruction are tailored to each participants
needs. It is structured so parents and children sail together to create a shared
experience that has positive lasting impacts.

When we get to see the joy on everyone’s faces as the wind and water do their magic, it
brings so much delight to all that are involved in the program. Smiles all around!
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