Lagoon Keepers Logo

Lagoon Keepers

This is a local organization that is dedicated to keeping the waterways of Palm Beach County clean and safe for all to enjoy. We work with them to assist in beach clean ups and promoting environmentally sound use and enjoyment of our waters. By giving youth information and tools early helps insure responsible behavior and habits later.

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Quantum House

This is an amazing organization that serves as a home for families who’s children are hospitalized and receiving care at St. Mary’s Hospital. We currently run two programs with QH. We sponsor free and reduced tuition covering recreational sailing courses for siblings who are staying here. We also host open house pancake breakfast events with local first responders called “Pancakes with the Police and Firemen.” The Foundation seeks to grow this program so more children staying here can get on the water and get back to just being a kid.

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Marine Industries Association Logo

Marine Industry Association of Palm Beach County

The leadership of MIA has been instrumental to helping the Foundation grow both by their financial contribution and assistance in helping to promote our mission. We both share a passion for the education of youth and the commitment to the greater good of the community through engagement in a marine setting.

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Palm Beach Sailing Club Logo

Palm Beach Sailing Club

Our partnership with PBSC has grown over the years and currently represents our longest partnership. The Foundation is extremely grateful to have access to this premiere location with amazing staff and facilities. We currently lease to the club the Foundation’s fleet of FJs sailboats. In return, PBSC takes wonderful care of these boats and allows the Foundation to host events at the club and call this property our home base.

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